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Who We Are

Sequim Roofing, has been serving the Sequim community for more than 10 years. With years of experience in the roofing industry, we specialize in repairs and replacement of roofs as well as other services including maintenance programs and complete roof overhauls. Seeking excellent customer service as well as quality craftsmanship? Stop by our roofing company!

We Offer Financing

Do you need roofing services but can't afford the roof replacement costs? Our roofers and roof contractors in Sequim, WA are ready to provide roof repair or roof replacement financing without any credit check requirement. We can even offer our customers low monthly payments. And, we work with banks and lenders offering no hassle application for roofing financing.

Commitment To Safety

Safety of roofing contractors and roofers is a top priority for us. Through the years, we have proven that roofing contractors and roofers in Sequim, CA are ready to protect themselves against any potential hazards during roof repair or roof replacement.. Our roofers also receive regular training in order to be more efficient at their job site. That is why we are a roofing contractor and roofer company that you can totally trust.

Specializing in Roof Replacement

We specialize in roof replacement using the highest quality roofing materials in the industry. In fact, we offer roof repair or roof replacement services for homes as well as business owners. We also provide other roofing related services including maintenance programs androof overhauls. Roofing contractors and roofers in Sequim, CA have the experience needed to handle roofing related jobs of any size.

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You're Only A Few Steps Away From A New Roof!

With 10+ years of experience and more than 400 jobs under our belt, Sequim Roofing is the leader in quality roofing services. Sequim Roofing of California has built a solid reputation in Sequim, Port Angeles, and Forks as the premier roofing contractor for tens of thousands installed roofs.

As a roofing contractor we continue to provide clean, renewable energy for neighborhoods near Sequim, WA such as Quilcene, Pelican and Forks. You're roof will be free of snow, dirt and roof debris with roof repairs from Sequim Roofing. Contact us today to get a FREE roof estimate.

A One Stop Shop For Roofing

Sequim Roofing provides both indoor and outdoor services, including installing and repairing roofs as well as solar installations for residential complexes, public institutions, office buildings, university campuses, industrial parks.

Eco Friendly Roofing

Sequim Roofing has been installing eco friendly roofs for more than 25 years. Whether we work with you on installation, replacement, or repair, you can rest assured that your building will be kept up to date with Washington's stringent energy efficiency standards.

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Residential Roof Repair

A roof is one of the most important parts of your property that needs to be repaired or replaced. The roof plays a major role in how well your heating and cooling system will work. And finally, it protects you from weather storms such as hail and hurricanes

Sequim has a marine west coast climate that is often cloudy even in the summer. The area is also prone to rain, with the rainiest month being April and the driest summer months.

In December and January there are typically 15 days with 100 mm or more of rain. Our business is to find the best way to protect your property from this weather.

What Is The Process For Repairing My Roof?

1. Roof Inspection

The roof repair process begins with a roof inspection to identify the roofing issues. We'll review your roof's age, type and roofing material and recommend roof repairs that are appropriate for your roof.

Some of the roof repairs we offer include roof flashing and roof painting services, along with roof installation, roof replacement and more.

2. Free Estimate For Your Project

After an estimate is given, our roof contractors will provide you with all of your options so you can make an informed decision about which roof repair services to use for your home. Sequim roofing will also agree on a roof repair within your roof replacement budget.

3. Roof Repair & Installation

We will review all roof repairs to ensure they meet industry standards and perform roof installation to the same high quality that our customers have come to expect from us! To get more information about roof repairs or roof replacements for your home, simply take advantage of our free estimates today! Simply fill out the quick form above or call (360) 379-3714 now!

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What Is The Process For Replacing My Roof?

The process for replacing the roof of your business is as follows:

  • Maintenance inspections are conducted to identify any potential problems that could lead to deterioration or accidents.

  • The roofer will then need to remove all debris and old shingles or tiles before installing new ones.

  • Once the new shingles or tiles have been installed, roofers will need to close all penetrations and secure them.

  • The roofer will then finish the roofing by installing any accessories, like downspouts or gutters.

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Solar Panel Installation Cost in Sequim

The average solar panel installation cost in Sequim is $7-$8 / Watt (or around $25,000 for an average 3kW roof)

For commercial buildings or new construction, the roofing installation cost is higher. On average, replacement can cost $8 to $15 per square foot.

  • You should plan on spending about $500 for shingles and about $60 - $70 per hour for labor (including roof installation).

  • For roof repair, you will spend $350 to $400 for roof installation labor, roof material costs about $100 to $150.

Factors That Affect Solar Panel Costs

There are several factors that affect the cost of solar panels in Sequim and these include size, pitch, area (feet), surface area (square feet), type (single layer or with layers), height from ground level to ridge line (feet), exposure to the sun's UV rays.

  • The installation price also depends on material type, the brand you choose, and roof pitch. The more pitched the roof is, the steeper it becomes so roofers will need to climb often during the process of replacing your flat roof.

  • You can expect labor costs for a tile roof replacement to be around $15-$25 per square foot installed while labor costs for a shingle Roof Replacement are between $12-$17 per square foot installed. Labor rates vary depending on region and local construction industry trends.

Why Not Get A Free Estimate?

To find out how much it would cost you to get your roof replaced or repaired in Sequim, WA and how to pick roofers in your area, call us now. Our roofing contractors are well trained and highly experienced roof installers. We offer roof inspections for new construction as well as existing buildings which saves our customers time, money, and a lot of headaches.

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What Are The Different Types Of Roofs?

Flat roof

A roof that slopes less than a roof with a slope of 4/12 or 6/12.A roof with a pitch of less than 4/12 is called a roof that has no rise or slope.

Low roof

A sloping roof (usually 3/12 or less), typically used for outbuildings, garages and storage spaces.

Medium roof

Sloping roof (3/12 to 6/12th), often used in residential applications like home additions and as a replacement for flat roofs. If the roof is only slightly pitched it can be considered a low roof. A medium roof usually requires additional support from trusses or rafters underneath and will require special installation methods so it doesn't leak.

High roof

Roofs with slopes greater than 10/12 are defined as high pitched roofs and will require trusses or rafters underneath to support them.

Gambrel roof

A roof with two slopes on each side, typically used for barns and other agricultural buildings.

Gable roof

When the roof areas are enclosed by a vertical face such as the front of a home, it is called gable roof. The ends of these roofs create triangular shapes (gables) hence its name.

Dome roof

Roof installed over an area that resembles a dome shape, usually found in Greece and Italy and rarely used in the US due to their high cost but they can last for over 50 years without needing replacement. They are available in one piece or more than one piece overlapped at each joint or seam which makes them highlyresistant to weather damage.

Mansard roof

Made of two sloping roof areas that are close together and are surrounded by a lower area which resembles the shape of an attic roof. They get their name from Francois Mansart, who was one of France's most well known architects in the 17th century. He used this roof for residential buildings after seeing it on European castles, churches and palaces during his visit to Italy.

Hopper roof

A roof with a large surface area (usually over 1000-2000 sq ft) which is flat but has corrugated sides or walls which allows water drainage while also preventing rainwater from pooling on top of it giving you peace of mind if your home suffers from heavy storms. Italso has a roofing system that is very lightweight and easier to install or repair.

Slate roof

A roof made from flat pieces of sandstone which are cut in different sizes, thicknesses, and dimensions depending on the building's roof pitch. The widest type of slate roof commonly used are those with 50-foot long slates which can weigh up to 600 pounds per square foot (psf).

If you're considering replacing your roof and you live in Colorado, check out our partners who provide Insulation in Centennial, Colorado.

Maybe you're doing more extensive modifications to your house and you've got a pool. If so, find pool deck services in Fountain Valley, CA at one of our trusted partners.

Finally, sturdy walls are just as important as a sturdy roof. Find out more at our partners who offer stucco services in Fort Pierce, Florida.

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Why Choose Sequim Roofing?

Our History

At our company, we are known for providing excellent customer service and delivering luxurious quality work.

High standards

Our high-quality standards make it easier for homeowners to feel confident that they will be satisfied when dealing with our company. Peace of mind isn't just our slogan, it's what we provide every time you come to us for a solar installation!

Our team is dedicated to quality craftsmanship during the entire install process. We use the top rated name brands in the solar industry and we install solar with the longevity of your roof in mind.

Award Winning Service

For your convenience, we also offer financing assistance to all of our roof repair or roof replacement customers by working with banks & lenders offering no hassle application for roofing financing. We aim to make it as easy as possible for you to get financing services without any credit check requirement. Our roof contractors will do their best to help you choose from all available options when you need roof repairs or roof replacement services!

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